For the last 12 years, we have been committed to providing our clients with simple, personalised answers to complex business-related issues.


For the last 17 years, we have been committed to providing our clients with simple, personalised answers to complex business-related issues.

Performance, process optimisation and internal appropriation of the new tools.

They are the keys to success for your project. With that in mind, we assist you to confront your ideas, share your know-how and define together the solution best adapted to your needs. We will be there from basic information collection and strategic alignment to evolution proposals:

  • Strategic alignment: with the project managers and functional leaders, our experts analyse your business issues and study your needs to define detailed objectives for your project. We synthesise these elements and build requirement needs together. We assist you all the way so that your digital strategy becomes a motor of success by identifying performance triggers and ROI.
  • Functional alignment: in order to guarantee best performance and optimise the production phase, we can write out for you technical and functional specifications.
  • Application architecture: we plan out the entirety of your information system's components (databases, feeds, applications & services) in order to offer an efficient and evolving architecture.
  • Evolution assistance: your new solution is both a performance motor and in osmosis with the evolution of your functionalities. The prime actors of the success of your project are your collaborators. Fully aware of all the issues linked to such transformations, we involve the potential users with the strategic alignment and assist them in their acquaintance with their new software.

Optimise your business processes and make your collaborators’ work easier.

How can you optimise your working processes and make the daily work of your partners and collaborators easier?
That is the question we first ask ourselves when starting any project you give us. From the very start, we work with you to define the specificities of your business and working processes.
Combining both functional and technical experiences, our dedicated teams build and conceive pragmatic solutions, with regards to both usability and applicative performance.
This will ensure that the applications we create are the best answer possible to your goals and business models, however complex they might be, and abide to client usage and equipment. They will evolve with your strategy and your organisation, so that your investment yields swift and durable results.

We pay close attention to the issues related to your business:

  • Ease distant processes, optimise information access and consolidation: CRM, stock and resource management, catalogues and other commercial tools, production management applications...
  • Bring together your collaborators and partners: intranet/extranet, corporate social networking, e-learning...
  • Rationalise collaborator management: recruitment, skill management, attendance, expenses...
  • Handle your activity more precisely: financial and commercial reporting, business intelligence, budget planning, regulatory requirements management...
Just like you, Kernix has the highest standards in terms of project management and digital performance.

  • Our project management methodology guarantees the respect of our commitments: it structures and optimises the coordination and control of the project. The complementarity of the diverse skill sets of our project managers, interactive designers, architects, developers and network administrators contributes to the general effectiveness of the project, performances and solutions.
  • Our development framework (KWO) helps structure and secure the programming and allows us to concentrate on what makes your project special. Built as a performance optimisation tool, the framework is based on proven and experienced management components that will help you administer your business solutions, production work-flows, translation and validation of content and collaborative functions. It also guarantees the quality and homogeneity of the programming.
  • Kernix puts together the best adapted solutions for any information system, based on our expertise in Web services and other ERP, ETL, CRM... You can also count on our knowledge in applicative architecture to ensure best performances whatever your demands in terms of load, data volume or secure information might be.

Custom-made solutions for developing your business.

Specialised in e-commerce and online services, Kernix allows you to use the World Wide Web to earn more money and enrich customer relationship. You can count on us and our pioneering spirit to provide you with an experienced perspective on the issues you're faced with and anticipate your needs.

For all your high-end, innovative e-commerce or other online services, be it the whole package or only part of it, Kernix will follow you all the way:

  • Advice on how to structure and define your online store or service.
  • Conceive the applicative architecture to guarantee high-end performance and availability, regardless of how fast your business grows and varies.
  • Engaging interactive design, easier to understand, allowing for a successful user experience.
  • Search Engine Optimisation, bringing more viewers, general use and conversion rate: usability, indexing, customised performance monitoring and functional optimisation.
  • Fully customised development, respecting all the best practices of online software development.
  • We will merge the solution with your own information system, regardless of which technological environment you already use (ERP, CRM, management software...)
  • A continuous follow-up after the deployment of your website (website management course, custom hosting, maintenance adapted to your needs) and advice on potential functional evolutions.
The projects developed by Kernix are based on KWO, our own development framework, dedicated to the Web and mobile channels, using experienced project management methods. Thanks to the many KWO components, we can concentrate on the elements specific to your project, gain in reactivity, reliability, security and still guarantee the perfect performance of the application's core functions: e-commerce, content, social networking...

E-commerce, Internet ticketing & booking, online customer service, Web diffusion of creative content, social networking, community management, intermediation... the services conceived for our clients all hold something unique and innovative.

An idea?

We would be delighted to discuss it with you so that you get all the answers you need.