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Consulting and project management

We support you in your digital transition with a project methodology tailored to your creations.

Our values: support and proximity.

Kernix is the web agency adapted to large groups looking for reactivity and to SMEs looking for a partner with a varied profile guaranteeing them privileged support, regardless of their technical level.


Are you planning a website redesign or an analysis? We can assist you in the study of your existing site. 

We draw on all our expertise to answer your questions:

  • Functional audit: exhaustive tour of functionalities, site administration, business rules
  • Technical audit: code quality, software architecture, security, analysis of ancillary services, IS architecture, hosting optimisation
  • Design audit: UX/UI study, comparative benchmark, analysis of heuristic criteria, accessibility level, compliance with SEO constraints
  • Data audit: study and mapping of databases, mapping of information flows, use and current production of data
Étude & Accompagnement Kernix Étude & Accompagnement Kernix

Web design and framing

For us, design starts with knowing you by heart!

Understanding you, your business, your uses, your needs and desires, your objectives…

The framing phase is important, during which we will :

  • meet each other
  • ask the tough questions
  • map / make visual
  • rationalise
  • choose
  • solve your problems

We work with you to establish an informed strategy and make your objectives our own.

A design workshop topic with us is, for example

  • An inventory of the existing use: we take stock, we visualise the processes, we share the issues and challenges
  • Imagining the daily life of the application and its administration, this is the key to a reflection that takes into account the optimisation of the product’s lifespan
  • Integration with your information system, whatever the technological environment: ERP, CRM, management software, API and webservice interfacing, etc.
  • Data migration: study of your data, and analysis of what we need to clean, migrate, optimise…
  • Optimisation of visitor numbers, usage and conversion rates: ergonomics, referencing, personalised performance monitoring and functional and technical optimisation

The framing of the project requires rigour, rhythm, proximity and expertise on the part of our teams, and this is what our involvement allows us to do on a daily basis. Get ready to be called upon! Discussing your ideas, your constraints and your objectives is essential to guide and advise you.

Étude & Accompagnement Kernix


Our strength: people.

Kernix is made up of experts, designers, developers, data scientists, curious people, and go-getters who go to meet you and help you through the key stages of your project, in complete transparency.

Implementation – monitoring and steering: we set up a local team and regular rituals to promote communication throughout the project. We move forward in an agile and transparent manner.

Putting online – preparation – recipes – changeover: we work in different contexts (hosting by our teams, external host, several partners, etc.) to align the players and prepare the environments for your applications together.


Infrastructure / IS architecture: our technical teams offer you infrastructures adapted to the use of your applications. A project lives, grows and develops. The admin sys is there to monitor the health of your platform and adapt it as closely as possible to its changing needs.

Operation: Maintenance is the accompaniment of the life of the site. Whether it is corrective or evolutionary, we adjust the implementation of your project according to your objectives. Our maintenance team adapts the applications to the needs of the users and to the technological evolutions of the market.

Reversibility / transfer of competence: No good company is ever left, and every project must one day leave the nest. We consider the handover phase of a project as a differentiating strength and a guarantee of the quality of our services. We know how to provide the necessary support to allow a transition in confidence between all the actors.

Your new solution is both a performance driver and a lever for change in your operating methods.
The first actors in the success of your project are your employees. Aware of these transformation challenges, we involve business users in the strategic framing phase and support them in the adoption of the new tools.

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