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Customised development

Our team of developers has extensive expertise in many technologies.

The technical team is called upon from the pre-sales phase to better understand your technical issues. It then supports you throughout all the stages of the project, from implementation to the testing phases, as well as in maintaining your applications in compliance with standards.

Technical experts

This expertise goes beyond the technical framework and also extends to the following areas of application:

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E-commerce: the development of simple or complex shops integrating a complete sales process (product catalogue, baskets and stock, event-based sales, orders and deliveries, discounts and promotions, payments, affiliations, conversion and tracking) and based on common frameworks such as Prestashop, Magento, Drupal commerce, Woocommerce, Shopify or Symfony Sylius.

E-business: the development of sales platforms integrating a complete digital transformation process of the chain and based on open source frameworks such as Symfony or Nodejs for the backend as well as related desktop or mobile applications built on Angular/React or Ionic/Flutter.

Content website: These are showcase sites to provide visibility for a brand or service. These sites regularly offer less complex functionalities but must meet strong design challenges to stand out. The development of such a portal is based on open source platforms such as Drupal or WordPress to allow ease of use by webmasters in the business.

SaaS platforms: the development of SaaS platforms by ensuring the separation of data and the industrialisation of the solution.

Business platforms: customised development to meet a specific business need such as transport or trading. Some businesses have very specific processes and constraints that cannot be effectively covered by off-the-shelf solutions. It is then more interesting in the product life cycle to consider specific development.

Innovative applications: the development of solutions based on the use of machine learning algorithms or on unusual media such as the Raspberry.

Digitalisation of your processes

We develop applications for a wide variety of business activities.

For the digitalisation of these businesses, the development phase is divided into several necessary technical components: back-end development, front-end development, mobility, interfacing with third-party services, automated testing and deployment.

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Back-end development

We have a range of expertise related to server-side architectures and developments:

  • Modelling and interaction with SQL and noSQL databases (Mysql, postgreSQL, MS SQLServer, MongoDB, Neo4j)
  • Architecture and development of web services on different platforms (Prestashop, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Symfony or NodeJS).
  • Interfacing with third-party services (search engines, API, remote storage, etc.)

Front-end development

The font-end is of paramount importance in the development of our applications and includes several specialized skills:

  • The transformation of graphic models into HTML/CSS code. This process is optimised by using the SASS language and task automators such as Gulp.
  • Continuous interaction with the design team to minimise integration feedback.
  • Incorporation of illustrations and animations to bring the user interface to life.
  • Application of W3C recommendations for accessibility and RGAA compliance. Support for responsive design using dedicated frameworks such as Bootstrap.
  • The dynamisation of interfaces with Javascript libraries and frameworks such as: JQuery, React, Angular.
  • Application of technical recommendations to optimise and improve natural referencing.
    Implementing tagging plans using services such as Google Analytics.


Depending on the mobile use, Kernix deploys one or more of these expertises to meet the needs of its clients:

  • Responsive interfaces
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) deployed with basic bricks such as the Manifesto or the service worker or with complex bricks interfacing with native functionalities.
  • Hybrid applications developed under Ionic/Cordova or Flutter.

Service integration

In almost all projects, the technical team is required to integrate a third party service to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. These are deployed on our servers, in the Cloud or at the client’s premises.

  • Multi-criteria search engine: Kernix is able to implement powerful and ambitious search engines within your sites, for example with ElasticSearch and Solr.
  • noSql database engine: MongoDB for document storage and Neo4j for graph storage.
  • Payment systems : Paypal, Paybox, Stripe, Shargroup, Mongopay
  • ERP and CRM: APIs with Salesforce, OroCRM Storage service: APIs with AWS S3 and Google Storage
  • Social networks and communication: Twitter API, Facebook API, Google API, Slack API and Slack Command, Twilio, SMSBox
  • Mailing services: Mailjet, Mandrill, SendMail
  • Media processing: video encoding and transformation via cloud services like AWS Elemental MediaConvert or services installed on our servers like FFmpeg.
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