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Kernix meets your consulting and digital design needs

Do you have plans for digital transformation? Good news, we love it!
Whether you’re ready or not, we have the answers you need. We offer you end-to-end support, from design to operation.

Flash framing

A pair of Kernix consultants will accompany and advise you for a week.

2 workshops to work on: getting to know each other, studying, reflecting and structure your project. We write your expression of need and project a macro evaluation. Thus enlightened, you can move on to the next stage: finding financing, modifying the project, looking for partners, requesting quotes, etc.

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  • Approach

    Make you grow along with your project!

  • Deliverables
    • Expression of need document
    • Macro-assessment (resources and budget) for the realisation of the project
    • Macro-planning for the realisation of the project
  • Budget

    1 800 € HT


  • Understand your needs
  • Agree and define the words to use to avoid misunderstandings
  • Gather concrete figures to size up the project
  • Define what the deliverable will be used for and by whom


  • Write the document : 
    • contextualize the project so that it can be understood simply
    • organise the functionalities, needs and expectations
  • Diagram the processes and flows as much as possible

If you need an additional service (additional workshop, design prototype, technology mapping, evaluation of an API interface): we offer these additional services as an option (expert intervention).

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Design Customized framing

Put all the chances on your side to succeed in your project:

→ Design a platform, a well-scaled and scalable application

→ Adapting the project methodology to your needs

→ Facilitate the project process through clear and shared expectations

→ Do everything possible to be satisfied in the end thanks to reasonable objectives

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  • MVP approach
    • Be online as soon as possible (time-to-market)
    • Offer a maximum number of useful and selected functionalities
    • Have a scalable base and according to your means then enrich the solution gradually.
  • Deliverables

    The list of deliverables varies according to the modules you have chosen for our service:

    • Macro-assessment and macro-planning
    • Design document
    • Diagrams: process, functional diagrams, technical principles, flows
    • Functional specification document(s) and test booklet
    • Technical recommendations and IS mapping
    • Mock-ups, prototypes, sales pitch
    • User paths, wireframes
  • Budget

    6 500 € to 35 000 €

  • Planning

    3 to 12 weeks

The Framing Design offer allows us to be fully aware of your needs and your ecosystem in order to design the first version of your application:

  • Take time for your project, bring together the key players, establish and share the structural elements
  • Address all aspects of your project: technical, design, hosting, functional, operation…
  • Provide you with figures to project the implementation and operation of the application
  • Help you progress and make informed decisions
  • To target the most suitable methodology for carrying out your project

Our offer is made to measure according to a modular approach:

  • Audit & Analysis: analysing and understanding your existing information system in order to benefit from the experience gained
  • Workshops: stimulate collective intelligence to draw the functional and technical outlines of your project
  • Expression of needs: formalise the needs in a macro way (functional, planning, budget) of a controlled project
  • Functional specifications: describing your application in detail to allow you to move on to implementation with confidence
  • Design: designing your application to meet current needs and support future needs
  • UX design and prototype: create wireframes to materialise user paths
  • UI design: propose an immersive interface to involve decision-makers in the future project
  • Technical support and operation: identify and explore technical issues, anticipate the operation of your future platform
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Grants and subsidies

There are several programmes and grants to finance your innovation projects and your ambitions in artificial intelligence that will serve as a lever for growth and competitiveness for your company.


BPI France wants to make the French economy more dynamic and competitive by supporting the growth and internationalisation of companies through innovation.

Bpifrance offers, for example, the Artificial Data Intelligence Diagnostic, which enables you to find new areas of growth and to use artificial intelligence to support your transformation projects. Bpifrance covers 50% of the cost of the project, for an amount of between €3,000 and €10,000 excluding tax.

They have entrusted us with the audit of their AI model or the creation of their AI package:

Our strength

  • Performance

    Kernix relies on recognized models and technologies, enabling it to offer high levels of performance, security and peace of mind in terms of deployment and maintainability of solutions.

  • Proximity

    Our small team is at your side throughout the project. We believe that involving a small number of people – sharp and committed experts – is a key factor for success!

  • Professionalism

    Kernix has been innovating and conducting research projects in the field of data AI since 2008. Our Data division is well known, has won numerous awards and has been supporting various organisations for over 10 years.

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