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for multi-channel digital solutions.

Online sales & services

Feel like using everything the web can offer to develop your business, gain in efficiency, sell more and transform your relationship with customers?
Kernix will help you go all the way by creating your very own e-commerce solution.

E-commerce by Kernix

Business solutions

Are creating your own business software, optimising work processes and easing internal communication on the top of your list?
We conceive efficient and user-friendly solutions that will transform your in-house communication and management.

Helping you answer business-related issues

Advice & assistance

When we talk about bringing a project together, we mean: analysing your needs, confronting your ideas, sharing our expertise and orienting you throughout the whole process of establishing your very own digital strategy.

Your assistance solution

Our work

For us, each and every one of the projects we undertake is a new adventure.


Online parking space booking

Resaplace is an online parking space booking service. This innovative service offers drivers a considerable gain of time when travelling. The current version is the fourth one developed by Kernix. This new version includes: guest booking (without having to create an account), yield management, responsive design...

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Innovative Expertise

For the last few years, Kernix’ constant R&D activity has come up with some exciting new expertise which can be applied to the industry and services.
  • Graphe
    A very powerful new way of organising and managing data.
  • Opendata
    Exchanging data in order to create high added-value services.
  • Machine Learning
    Make programs smart so that they evolve by themselves and increase performance.
  • Sémantique Données non-structurées
    Make content closer, find relations between concepts and make recommendations smarter!


With the double skill set of an IT service provider and an interactive web agency, combined with the R&D funding of a software publisher, Kernix handles your project from A to Z.


On Jan. 2nd 2001, François-Xavier Bois and Fabrice Métayer start off their new millennium by putting pen to paper and creating their vision of the perfect digital partnership:
  • A team with solid technical grounds,
    with the ability to guarantee their clients an optimal usage of web and mobile innovations, fully integrated into any information system.
  • A structured team,
    efficient with even the most complex of projects, adorned with tools and methods that guarantee reliability, security and application performance.
  • A team that will do its utmost to find the best solutions
    (functional, graphical, technological and in terms of usability) to attain clients' targets.
  • A team that stimulates reflection
    and is behind you throughout the whole development process, from conception to production deployment.
  • A team that invests in the future
    by developing collaborators' skills and setting up large scale R&D activities.
  • A team that sticks with simplicity,
    be it with client relations or project conception.

This is the enterprise they have built.

Kernix today brings together the the skill sets of 35 passionate collaborators: designers, UX experts, developers and project managers. We would be happy to take on your web and mobile projects: e-commerce, online services and business solutions.

Since 2008, Kernix is a State approved R&D centre and has been spending over €1.7m on research in its dedicated division, the KernixLab.

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